The Best Mobile Games Ads for 2024

Giulia Zonno
November 16, 2023
The Best Mobile Games Ads for 2024

As we step in 2024, the increasingly competitive world of mobile app marketing requires effective advertising campaigns. Specifically, in mobile games ads, captivating and compelling ad creatives have a central function as they may determine the success of your game advertising.  


In this article we’ll present you the best mobile games ads, exploring the value of creatives and, particularly, the main ad formats employed to create effective mobile games ads in mobile app marketing.


From Playable Ads to Video Ads, Interstitial Ads and Banner Ads, each type of mobile games ads plays a crucial role in captivating audiences and driving engagement.

Ad Creatives in Mobile Games Advertising


Ad creatives are of paramount importance in mobile app marketing. They are the visual and interactive elements designed to capture and persuade the target audience.


In the context of mobile gaming ads, the advertisement should attract potential players displaying key features of the game and giving users a glimpse of what they can expect once they start playing.


One of the great strengths of game advertising is that mobile gaming ads can be implemented without causing disruptions or intrusions, as it may happen with more traditional advertising methods.

The best mobile games ads that we are going to present are such because the creatives implemented are innovative, captivating, compelling and well-designed. Thereby, they can significantly impact the success of your advertising game by driving downloads and encouraging player engagement.


Good creatives can make the difference between a successful advertising campaign and a failure, thus significantly influencing mobile app marketing outcomes.


As mentioned above, there are different types of ad creatives that can be implemented in mobile app marketing – each of them playing a crucial role in captivating audiences and driving engagement. They not only attract potential players but also contribute to building brand awareness within the competitive gaming market.



Playable Ads


Playable Ads are a type of dynamic, innovative, and interactive ad creative within the mobile app marketing, and are used mainly for mobile games promotion.

They allow users to interact with a demo or a simplified version of the actual game before downloading it. By offering a first-hand taste of the gaming experience, playable ads encourage users to download and play the full game.

Playable ads redefine the approach to advertising games by providing a trial-like experience, thus representing a successful mobile app marketing strategy.

This type of game advertising provides advantages not only in terms of conversion rates, but also in terms of better retention rates: engaging with playable ads increases the likelihood that users will not only download the game and spend money in-app, but also continue to interact with the mobile game for an extended period.

Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most used ad formats in advertising games, representing a dynamic and compelling form of games advertising in the context of mobile app marketing.


They provide to the user the essence of the mobile game, showing off gameplay highlights, action-packed sequences, and other unique features. In the game advertising and mobile games ads scenario, video ads play a crucial role in capturing the attention of potential gamers.  


Video ads bring the gaming experience to users' screens, aiming to engage users and encourage them to become active participants and download the full game. 

Interstitial Ads


Interstitial Ads are another effective creative that can be implemented in advertising games. They are a kind of full-screen ad that pops out during natural break points in the game – between levels or during loading moments, for example.


Thanks to their full-screen presence, interstitial ads ensure that users encounter visually stunning and captivating content without disrupting the overall gaming flow and experience.


Their non-intrusive yet attention-grabbing nature allows advertisers to showcase the most appealing elements of the game. This makes interstitial ads a powerful and strategic ad creative in the context of mobile games ads.


Interstitial ads contribute to building brand awareness, attracting potential players, and encouraging downloads. They are a visually impactful element within the world of mobile games ads and game advertising.



Banner Ads


The most common ad formats in app marketing that can be effectively used in advertising games are banner ads. These banners, whether static or dynamic, can be found at the bottom or top of the screen during users’ gameplay.


Banner Ads are an essential tool in mobile app marketing, offering a constant but subtle presence on users’ screens. While less dynamic and interactive than other ad formats, banners play a crucial role in maintaining a consistent advertising presence

Although their impact may be less immediate, banners ads play a valuable role in the overall strategy of game advertising, having also the great advantage of being very cheap.


Mapendo's Way: Dynamic Ad Units


As we wrote in a previous article, Mapendo has been working on a very promising product, that is, our ad technology for video and playable ads: dynamic ad units.


Dynamic Ad Units have proven to be very innovative mobile games ads and an effective strategy in mobile app marketing and games advertising, as they generate significant rise in ROI and in the quality of new users, as well as a boost in conversation rate and installations, compared to the others.


What we have done has been to develop a multi-step dynamic ad unit, which combines videos and playable ads, with the addition of an end card.


More specifically, we show a 30 second of an eye-catching video ad to drive user engagement; we follow the video with an interactive playable; and finally, we add end cards to create an innovative multi-page experience. They can be either static or dynamic, made up of a button that redirects to the app store and in-house assets

Our platform tests over 1,000 different combinations of these 3 elements in real time, in order to optimise them towards metrics such as conversion rate and ROI

In this way, we influence the user’s decision-making process and simplify the installation process, increasing the user’s good will to proceed and enjoy the game.





In conclusion, as we prepare ourselves to face the new challenges and opportunities of 2024 in the dynamic world of mobile app marketing, we cannot underestimate the importance of effective advertising campaigns.


Specifically within mobile games ads, we want to highlight the weight of captivating and compelling ad creatives, as they have the great potential to determine the success of your game advertising.


The strength of game advertising lies in its ability to perfectly integrate within the gaming environment without causing disruptions


Indeed, we have presented the best mobile games ads: from Playable Ads to Video Ads, Interstitial Ads and Banner Ads, these visual and interactive elements serve as a gateway to capturing and persuading the target audience.


The best mobile games ads presented stand out because of their innovative, captivating, and well-designed creatives, underscoring their potential to significantly impact the success of advertising games by driving downloads and encouraging player engagement.


We have concluded this article highlighting Mapendo’s innovative approach with Dynamic Ad Units, a promising technology in the context of mobile games ads. This multi-step dynamic ad unit wants to influence the user’s decision-making process and simplify the installation process.


Mapendo’s innovative Dynamic Ad Units have shown a rise in ROI and quality of new users, emphasising their efficiency in the ever-increasing ambitious context of mobile app marketing and games advertising.