App Marketing Campaigns Strategy: 6 Unconventional Techniques

Beatrice Bursese
February 22, 2023
App Marketing Campaigns Strategy: 6 Unconventional Techniques

Mobile app marketing strategy refers to the strategies and techniques used to promote a mobile application to potential users while driving app downloads and engagement. It is about interacting with customers and figuring out your potential to communicate effectively with them.


1.      What is an app marketing campaign? 

App marketing campaigns strategy can be a crucial part of a successful app launch or ongoing app promotion strategy. Overall, app marketing campaigns aim to increase brand awareness, downloads, user engagement, and revenue to deal with this high-competitive market.

Every app developer needs an effective app campaign to reach its target audience in this wide market. Due to the tough competition, it is important to hold a deep understanding of your target audience and use data-driven insights to optimize and refine your marketing campaigns over time while increasing your app user acquisition.

Here are some tips for creating effective app marketing campaigns:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Set clear goals determining what you want to achieve
  • Choose the right channels (social media, email marketing, and influencer marketing)
  • Measure and optimize to track the performance of your marketing campaign
  • Grow your app with paid user acquisition campaigns

App marketing means growing your user base while enhancing your business through ads or in-app purchases. Since there isn’t a single way to achieve this goal, advertisers can choose among several mobile app marketing channels.


2.      How does an app marketing campaign work? 

Thinking of a mobile app marketing funnel is made up of different stages, such as acquisition, activation, engagement, and loyalty. The acquisition is the first stage in a user’s interaction with your app, followed by the activation which refers to the first action of a user, such as a purchase or a subscription. Engagement is the third stage that begins when apps can perfectly engage with their customers increasing the user acquisition while monetizing. Satisfaction or retention is driven by the final step of the funnel, which is loyalty.

The success of your app marketing campaign strategy is driven by meeting pre-selected KPIs. Measuring performance with KPIs will give you a clear view of your business identifying everything you should improve. Some of the most important KPIs you should be aware of are active users, CPA (Cost per Action), CPI (Cost per Install), ROI (Return on Investment), CTR (Click-Through Rate), conversion rate, and retention rate.


3.      The best unconventional strategies for your app campaign 


Mobile app marketing strategy is essential for continuing to be competitive in the market while using modern technologies to enhance traditional marketing methods with the help of a personalized experience. The following techniques that we propose in our article can be used in combination with the most common tips to create a comprehensive app marketing campaign strategy:

  • Promoting your app using a teaser video

Videos are the easiest way to promote your app by showing all the features your product has to offer. Therefore, you can create a demo video and then leverage your social media channels by including the demo video in your blog post and other platforms to promote your app. Videos can be used both for advertising for branding purposes and for genuine programmatic app install campaigns.


  • Considering alternative app stores

As a developer, you should not only rely on Google Play and Apple App Store, since there are many other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app. Indeed, it has been expected that an app submitted on other less popular stores, will significantly increase the expected downloads compared to Google Play. GetJar, SlideMe, and Opera Mobile Store are some very good app stores that you could consider.

  • The importance of SEO

The URL of your app is a useful tool that shows up in search results when users key in related queries. For this reason, what you need to do is improve the visibility of your app through the ASO (App Store Optimization), identifying the most relevant keywords, also analysing the ranking keywords of your app, while building some quality links to boost rankings.

  • Creating a catchy app icon

To make your app icon stand out, it should hold a unique shape with a limited pallet of colours and avoid the use of photographs and non-readable text while maintaining creativity. You need to build a recognizable brand through your icon to boost the ranking of app stores.

  • Getting featured on mobile app review sites

Getting on an app review site means convincing websites that your app is good enough to be featured on their site. Many of these app review sites are looking for original content and themes, high-quality designs, and stable apps with no crashes. Some mobile app review sites are Techcrunch, Business of App, and Trustpilot. If everything works, you should provide support material for your app such as a link to your app in the app store, a summary paragraph describing your app, links to videos of your app, screenshots of your title screen, and a promo code to download the app for free.

  • Public relations

To be considered by journalists, a good mobile app should consist of an app summary guide which describes how the app is used, an app press release, telling the reasons why the app has been released now, screenshots and lifestyle pictures in your PR kit, a promo video, and founder bios and pictures.  


Remember, creating effective app marketing campaigns strategy requires a combination of creativity, data analysis, and careful planning. By following these tips, you can create campaigns that resonate with your target audience and help drive the success of your app.