3 Effective App Promotion Strategies For Your App Install Campaign In 2023

Mapendo Team
November 14, 2022
3 Effective App Promotion Strategies For Your App Install Campaign In 2023

The term app promotion is used to define mobile marketing and it is related to the process of advertising an app. Due to the high number of apps in the app stores, developers should ensure a solid mobile user acquisition strategy for the promotion of their apps. For this reason, mobile app promotion is used to bring users to your app facing high competition in the app industry. 

App store optimization (ASO) can be defined as a process which aims at improving the visibility of an app in the app stores (Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store). This process is a key technique because it boosts the app ranking and increases the organic installs. App Store Optimization, just like SEO, improves the visibility of the app reaching a larger number of users. 

An efficient growth marketing strategy cannot simply rely on ASO but it must combine multiple paid user acquisition activities, such as app install campaigns, brand advertising and performance marketing. The paid mobile user acquisition includes all the marketing activities which have to drive new users to an app, as opposed to organic installs.  

Here’s a list of the three main strategies to adopt if you want to optimize your app promotion strategy: 

  • adopting the most suitable activities 
  • choosing the proper marketing partners 
  • identify the best KPIs to monitor 

The use of these strategies is vital if you want to implement your app promotion because if there is no strategy, the realization of your app install campaign will fail. 

Adopting the most suitable channels for your app promotion    

Due to the drawbacks of the organic mobile user acquisition method, paid marketing activities seem to be more efficient for app promotion. Organic installs are important because they can guarantee high-quality users, however, it can be harder for the developers to reach a wider audience because these installs have less scalability and lower targeting ability. 

On the other hand, paid mobile user acquisition strategy is more reliable and it can offer a variety of strong positives. These activities include brand advertising, affiliate marketing and performance marketing. This last strategy, in particular, is a successful mobile user acquisition strategy because it aims at the acquisition of mobile users for a company’s app where the advertiser gives the publisher a budget for the acquisition of new users.

Choosing the proper marketing partners 

Once you understand which strategies are more efficient to reach a larger number of users,  you need to choose the right partner for the establishment of your app install campaign. Marketing partners such as DSPs and Ad Networks represent the bridge between the publisher and the advertiser. A Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a software platform which lets advertisers buy digital advertising with a completely automated process enabling advertisers to manage advertising with the help of automation.


On the other hand, an Ad network is used to mediate the sale of ad inventory between publishers and advertisers. They have a key role in the process of media buying of an app install campaign because they bring advantages both for publishers and advertisers.

Identify the best KPIs to monitor your app promotion 

When it comes to the promotion of an app, the selection of the most appropriate KPIs is crucial for your app install campaign. KPIs will help you determine the choice of your mobile app marketing plan. Therefore, when you select your app marketing KPIs you must take into consideration the kind of goals you want to achieve from the campaign. With the help of third-party companies such as MMPs, you can track your app attribution and analytics to see what users do after the install of the app. 


To sum up, the process of advertising an app is called app promotion and it is crucial for the app install campaign. Being aware of the differences between organic mobile user acquisition and paid mobile user acquisition, you need to set the best strategies for the optimization of your app promotion, taking into consideration the most suitable activities, the proper marketing partners and the best KPIs to monitor.