All About Creatives Strategy For a Successful App Paid User Acquisition Campaign

Elena Strappato
December 6, 2022
All About Creatives Strategy For a Successful App Paid User Acquisition Campaign

When launching your app paid user acquisition campaign, all your paid efforts risk being for naught without an effective Creatives strategy. Indeed, any user acquisition campaign aspiring to be successful requires a Creatives optimization strategy to yield the best results and generate the desired profits from the investments made in your paid user acquisition campaign.

Therefore, before diving into creatives optimization strategies, let’s go back and answer the essential question: what are Creatives?

What do we talk about when we talk about creatives?

When advertisers and app developers display their ads on publisher apps and websites to acquire high-quality users, those ads are indeed what we call Creatives. Creatives can be defined as powerful persuasive digital tools designed to entice users not only to click on the ad, but also to install and convert. Within the framework of the app paid user acquisition campaign, Creatives can highly persuade people to view, hear, and interact with the ad.

Select the best ad formats for your app paid acquisition campaign

Since creatives are deployed to capture users’ attention, it is crystal clear that their designs must be eye-catching, informative (brand, logo, name), and interactive. Moreover, they must be targeted to specific install and post-install events with an effective call-to-action. Therefore, paid user acquisition campaigns work with many ad formats differing from each other in size, type, and cost.

·   Banners

·   Displays

·   Interstitials

·   Native Ads

·   Playable

·   Videos

Native Ads are a little intrusive but highly engaging as they match with the same experience users are having while navigating on a mobile app. Banners are also quite popular since they can be displayed everywhere without being so expensive. Conversely, much as interactive they are, Videos and Interstitials are probably the most invasive as they cover the whole mobile screen. Even so, they are perfectly apt to promote mobile games along with Playables, ad formats providing a preview of the advertised game.

Even though Creatives formats share the same goal of enticing users to click and convert, we should not take for granted that different ad formats can respond to different specific objectives and not all of them may fit for purpose to make your app paid user acquisition campaign successful.

How to evaluate different creatives' performances for your app paid acquisition campaign

It is important, therefore, to assess your Creative performance to choose which ads you must include optimizing your Creatives strategy as they increasingly grow the number of install and post-install events.

Before you start your Creatives strategy, there are two parameters among KPIs you need to measure. Then, creatives will be ranked on those values for improving your app paid user acquisition campaign. We are referring to CTR (Click-Through Rate) and CVR (Conversion Rate). The former is related to the number of users that clicked on the ad after seeing impressions, while the latter refers to the number of clicks leading to conversion.

Here are some tools and techniques that may help you understand which Creatives deserve more time and investments as they can increase the number of conversions.

·   Creatives A/B testing

Creatives A/B tests are a randomized type of test displaying two different creatives to two different audience segments: the control group, and the testing group. Creatives A/B tests provide a sort of statistically relevant feedback about creatives based on the assessment of some features (art styles, messaging, text, duration) and their performances.

Mobile DSPs and ad networks can conduct multiple Creatives A/B tests on behalf of their advertisers to optimize app paid user acquisition campaigns. In this way, advertisers have a better understanding of their users’ preferences, select the most attractive ad formats, and avoid squandering money and time on the worst performances.


·   Rotation

Creative rotation is of sheer importance to avoid showing the same ad formats. Indeed, it is not advisable to rely on a single type of Creative considering the several ad networks, platforms, geos, and target audiences you are working with.

·   Call-to-action

You may want to customize your Creatives strategy by CTAs (Call-to-action) by conducting an app paid user acquisition campaign with ads addressed to personalized promotion events, specific audiences, and in-app key-actions such as registration, purchase, and deposit.

·   Creative Optimization

How can you strengthen your Creatives strategy for the app paid user acquisition campaign? Creatives optimization is based on a testing and learning strategy, as Adjust explains, to improve users’ experience and maximize their LTVs (Lifetime Value). Basically, by continuously testing ad formats and creatives you can reach Creatives optimization and avoid Creatives fatigue. Indeed, even the best performing ads may risk saturation.


·   Emotions and Culture

How do people respond to advertisements? Creatives «feature people», therefore it is important to elicit emotional human responses and make identification possible in the target audience. Moreover, creatives need also to be localized and cultured. Different nations, indeed, may respond differently to ads depending on their cultural perception and sensibility.

Why should your app paid acquistion campaign benefit from a good creatives strategy?

·   Rise in the pay-off

·   High-quality users, more engagement, better retention rate

·   Decrease in CPIs (Cost-per-Install) while scaling up users’ acquisition

·   Increase in your in-app revenues

To sum up, Creatives strategy may seem to you a little time-consuming, but the time you spend on it is actually worth it for the numerous advantages a good Creatives strategy can provide.