How To Design A Perfect Creative Strategy For Paid User Acquisition

Mapendo Team
May 30, 2022
How To Design A Perfect Creative Strategy For Paid User Acquisition

When looking for strategies to grow your app user base, everybody can tell you that paid user acquisition is the real deal. It helps acquiring high-quality users at scale while also increasing your in-app revenues, providing a valuable addition to your organic traffic. Paid user acquisition includes different types of channels such as programmatic and affiliate marketing.

Despite the multitude of channels to select, there are several elements essential to any paid user acquisition activity. Budget, target locations and platforms, and a CPI/CPA goal are always required, as well as creatives. Indeed, an effective creative strategy plays a significant role in the success of your app install campaigns.

In this article, we provide tips and suggestions to carefully design a successful creative strategy for your paid user acquisition. Let’s take a look!

Find The Right Creative For Your Target Audience

First of all, we need to say that there are many ad formats available for app install campaigns and the most common ones are:

  • Banners;
  • Displays;
  • Videos;
  • Interstitials;
  • Playable ads;
  • Native ads;
  • Rewarded ads.

Every different format serves specific purposes, that’s why you need to think deeply about which ads to include in your creative strategy and which ads to show to users.

For example, playable ads are highly effective in attracting mobile users for gaming apps, since they allow users to play a preview of the mobile game they are going to download. Banners and displays are amongst the most popular ad formats in app install campaigns because they are cheap to produce and can be easily shown in every app or website.

A good example of creative strategy is to rotate multiple ad formats and assess their performance, which leads us to our second tip: creative A/B testing.

Run Creative A/B Testing

In order to identify which creatives generate the most installs and post-install events, it is necessary to run creative A/B tests. They can be run by mobile DSPs such as Mapendo, analyzing the performance of different creatives shown to different audiences at the same time.

The statistical relevance of A/B testing allows you to know precisely which creatives perform better than others, thus providing the opportunity to produce similar creatives or to allocate your paid user acquisition budget only to the top performing creatives.

Optimize And Personalize Your Creatives

Our final suggestion is to combine creative rotation and A/B tests’ results to personalize your creative strategy. Indeed, you can run app install campaigns with ads targeted to specific audiences, to specific post-install actions or to specific promotions or events.

Indeed, it is possible to design ads with customized calls to action in order to increase installs and in-app events in connection with successful promotions or events like holidays, black friday, etc. depending on your business.

Understanding the value of an effective creative strategy can prove to be crucial in unlocking the full potential of your app install campaigns.

Combining the value of your creative strategy with other app campaign optimization techniques is key to achieve success. Indeed, look here to learn more about paid user acquisition and everything you need to know to grow your app.