Mobile App Marketing Insights: Multi-Creative Optimization in the Post-ATT World

Elena Strappato
January 24, 2023
Mobile App Marketing Insights: Multi-Creative Optimization in the Post-ATT World

Since the release of Apple’s iOS 14 in 2021, the world of mobile app marketing has changed. For this reason, marketers had to come up with strategies for developing new mobile app marketing insights to cope with a new privacy-centric context and rules.


Indeed, working with a small amount of data available, it has been necessary to rethink the whole creatives framework and develop innovative creatives tools such as multi-creatives optimization. This new testing solution has proven to be an efficient and rewarding strategy for marketers to adjust to the privacy-ruled creative framework.


Let’s read the article to know more about it and obtain mobile app marketing insights into the world of creative optimization in the post-ATT world.


Mobile app marketing insights into the post-ATT era


First thing first, what is ATT?


Among the changes introduced by iOS 14, the ATT prompt is probably the most relevant. With the acronym “ATT”, we intend the App Tracking Transparency system that allows users to give their authorization to marketers for accessing and tracking user and device app-related data whenever an iPhone owner opens the app.


Within this privacy-ruled framework, the only way to perform deterministic attribution when users decide to hide their IDFA is through SKAdNetwork, part of Apple iOS, which allows marketers to attribute install or post-install events.


The ATT revolution has implied first a loss of data, which means that marketers cannot compare creatives easily without mobile app marketing insights into new solutions. Mainly, we are talking about post-install events data leveraged by marketers to target users and test creatives based on down-the-funnel conversions and in-app behaviors. 

Moreover, while SKAN attributes impressions and clicks data from different creatives to their specific sources, all install-data are aggregated and put together. Not only does this system make it impossible for marketers to understand which ads have generated those installs, but it also sends postbacks with a 24-48 hours’ delay, which makes real-time optimization harder.


Multi-Creatives Optimization in 2023: a mobile app marketing insight


While in the past creatives A/B testing has statistically achieved great results, it has now become more challenging to run successful campaigns counting only on that considering the general loss of data that SKAN has entailed.


The post-ATT world requires mobile app marketing insights into quick and iterated solutions managing to both compare a high volume of ads, maximize conversion rates, and win the competition.


What is Multi-Creatives Optimization?


Multi-creatives testing is what does for you to achieve the best results with the least amount of data.This new approach to creative testing allows you to test a higher volume of ads simultaneously and more quickly to collect more data for more effective campaign optimization. By speeding up creative wins, multi-creatives testing reduces testing costs and maximizes the campaign performance.


Multi-creative optimization needs fewer data than those required by A/B testing to evaluate the creatives' performance and validate the winning. But what makes it possible? 

Let’s dig deeper providing you with some mobile app marketing insights into the role of algorithms for multi-creative optimization. 


Advanced algorithms come into play to shift and reallocate your money in real time from the least-performing ads to the best-performing creatives. Multi-creatives algorithms are indeed designed to speed up the optimization process, decrease the costs and provide a more exact result without requiring a huge number of impressions. By shifting your spending under real conditions and in live setting, it makes sure that results stay the same both during and after the testing.


For this reason, the multi-creatives approach is more dynamic than A/B testing as it avoids splitting the same amount of money between creatives with different performance results throughout the test.


What is the Mapendo solution to multi-creatives optimization? 


Drawing from two Mapendo case studies, let’s see now how mobile app marketing insights into multi-creatives optimization can help you run a successful app install campaigns.


In 2022 Mapendo worked with two advertisers, the publisher of a hyper-casual racing game and an American shopping app, to help them climb the ranks in the app store and scale up the volume of high-quality users.

In both cases, Mapendo has combined multi-creative testing of ads with new creatives generated from its creative production tool.


After rotating and A/B testing multiple ads of different formats and sizes provided by advertisers, Mapendo found out and established their top -performing ads. Besides CTR, other metrics have been considered for the campaign optimization such as the number of high-quality users and click-to-install and registration rates. 

Subsequently, Mapendo produced native ads based on a dynamic combination of the app store page assets (logo, name, description, etc.), combined them with the winning creatives provided by advertisers, and tested them by machine learning algorithms.


By generating these ads only with its internal creative production tool without a design team, Mapendo managed to increase ROI, scale up the volume of installs and registrations, and improve the app ranking in the app store as both clients desired.